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Engine diagnostics

Have your car's engine diagnosed

Performing a diagnostic on your car can help a technician determine  where the problem is and what is causing it. Whether you have lights flashing or any drivability issues, call the smog and diagnostic specialists.


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The technology today helps makes it quick to give you an estimate to diagnose your car's problem. Keep your car running smoothly and get yourself back out there.  

You can expect quality work here

You can expect a quick and efficient diagnosis when you use the car professionals at GS Smog Inc & Repair.

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Whether you drive a foreign or domestic vehicle, any make or model, your car can be checked here.


• Electrical systems

• Computer checks

• Engine Diagnostics

• Indicator light

• Dashboard lights

• Any drivability issues

Is your "check engine" light flashing?

Get your car diagnosed immediately at GS Smog & Repair