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Have your failed your smog test?

Bring your report in and let us give you a quote on your repair. You can expect quick repairs by certified technicians here at GS Smog Inc & Repair.  With 30 years of combined experience here in the smog business, you can rely on our expertise.


Let us perform your smog testing today. We feature 4 smog inspection machines and 2 in-ground dynamometers to assist you quickly. We employ ASE certified technicians.



Testing is required in the state of California every 2 years for cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs, foreign or domestic. A change of ownership also requires a smog test. We perform smog inspections on the following vehicles:

No appointment necessary

There are several things included in the smog check that are tested for efficiency. Call for more information regarding a discounted retest if necessary.


• Check to see that emission control devices are properly installed and haven't

   been changed

• Check engine light testing

• Driving test is done to get an emission reading

• Analyzing of the test results




All your smog testing done here quickly  

Bring your car in today and check this test off your list

  • Hybrid vehicles

  • Gasoline powered 1976 year model or newer

  • Diesel powered 1998 year model or newer

  • RVs / Motorhomes

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